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Software AnyGraph created to simplify the development of system models used in the calculation of reliability of complex technical systems and their analysis.

Theoretical and methodological foundations of the program

The theoretical basis of software AnyGraph are logical and probabilistic methods (LPM) modeling, quantitative assessment of reliability and safety of complex technical systems developed under the guidance of Professor IA Ryabinin AnyGraph uses the most effective type of LPM that is developed in the early 90s by Professor A. Mozhayeva method for systems analysis of complex technical systems - a common logical-probabilistic method.

"Logical and probabilistic methods are called methods of systems analysis in which the apparatus of mathematical logic used for primary and intermediate structural description of the analytical knowledge on rules and modalities of the elements in the system under study and the methods of probability theory are used to measure various properties of the system, based on the specified probability and other parameters of its elements. "*

The basic concept is to provide software AnyGraph model as a set of interacting components (technical elements) and logical connections between them. Logical connections define specific conditions for implementing the nodes (elements of the technical system) of its functions.

Built using the graphical editor AnyGraph model has a high degree of visibility, as a rule, the structure of the created model follows the principle technological scheme developed at different stages of the study of technical documentation projects.

The methodological basis for LPM is characterized by the following provisions:

  • node status in models of reliability and safety of two inconsistent outcomes coded zero or one:

1 - the health status of the node model (includes the device, performed some operation, etc.)

0 - otkazovoe host state model (does not include a device which does not hold any action, etc.)

  • the main problems is the way to describe the graphical construction schemes or reliability of the scenario of an accident of the system.
  • using the Boolean functions can be written health condition (not performance) model through the state of its elements.
  • the resulting Boolean function is the main form of presentation models is transformed from the logical form of the probability with which conducted a quantitative evaluation of the various properties of the system.

Functionality and structure of the program

Functional submitted on AnyGraph is a universal alternative to software in which the basic unit of modeling and calculation of reliability and safety of complex technical systems are fault trees, event trees, graphs and connected Markov models.

AnyGraph consists of two modules:

  • Graphics module, through which the:

- designing and documenting the model of the system

- Transfer to the module created mathematical models of the system to perform accurate analysis and statistical calculations

- Display the results of the calculations

  • Math module, with which the calculations are different indicators of reliability of the system.


* Mozhayev AS, Gromov V. Theoretical basis of general logical-probabilistic method of automated modeling systems .. , St. Petersburg.